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NOPMA The antislip-product

Nopma streifen Nopma streifen 2

The slip-problem
You certainly know the annoyance of slipping objects in diverse situations.
Our product is used successfully in the following sectors:

- Automotive: trunks, armatures, cockpits, interior, child car seats

- Caravanning: cockpit, armatures, stash cases, upholsteries

- Home: seats, inlays, mattress covers

- Rehab: wheel chair cushion, training mats, patient transfer mats,

- Sports/handcraft: gloves, shoe insoles, sport mats, slippers

- Construction: anti-slip glue elements, sealing

The antislip-product

nopma® antislip is equiped with followign characteristics:
- antislip
- coated on both sides (Picture 3)
- abrasion-resistant
- flexible
- tearproof
- washable at 60°C
- oil- and acid-resistant
- breathable
- 100% UV-resistant
- flame-resistant
- no/low fogging  
- can be stamped and cut
- can be sewn
- weldable
- made in Germany

The solution

Our antislip textiles are used as underlay, inlay and cover 

Nopma Antirutsch Antislip Material

nopma® antislip is the fitting product.

nopma® antislip is effective on polyester, cotton, needle felt, warp knit fabrics and many more textile materials. Diverse designs, colors and plastic systems are possible.

Do you have any questions? We gladly advise you!  Call us or send us a message via our contactform.

NEW! NOPMA Antislip - stock program  >>  sample cards available!

Stock program sample card Nopma Antislip Schreyeck

Material 1: Nopma antislip N001-1 Vinyl Nub

Nopma Antirutsch schwarz Vinyl Noppe Nopma Antirutsch schwarz 0001

   Black 011-011-0003            Black 011-011-0001


Material 2: Nopma antislip Pu107-1 PU groove

Nopma Anti Rutsch beige  Nopma AntiRutsch braun

   Beige 011-0111-0010              Brown 011-011-0020


Material 3: Nopma antislip VS N011-1 Vinyl Nub, Back Vinyl Strips

Nopma Antirutsch grau  Nopma Antirutsch schwarz 011-011-0002

  Grey 011-011-0030                 Black 011-011-0002

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