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skai Polster Contract

skai® upholstered furniture in public spaces, such as in the medical field, in hotels, restaurants or conference rooms, is often subject to heavy use. In terms of sensitivity and robustness, very special properties are required in this case. For this purpose Hornschuch has developed the skai® Polster contract collection, which is tailored specifically to these requirements. If you have any questions to the contract collections, please call us, we love to advise you.

Following skai® collections are suitable for contract solutions:

Bresta, Canasta, Gerona, Gerotega, Gertago, Mano-S, Neptun-Caleri, Neptun Imperia, Neptun Pescara, Neptun Racenna, Neptun Varezze, Palena, Palipso, Palma, Paradino, Paradino NF, Plata, Pandoria Plus, Soliena FLS, Sontario FLS, Sopythana FLS, Sorinoco FLS, Sotega, Sotega FLS, Techno Tec, Tundra, Tundra Carbon, Tundra Point, Tundra Tec, Sotorro FLS, Pasatina, Parotega NF, Ebamboo, Etano, Atlantis Aredo, Ipsum.


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